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Teach you how to identify the quality of down products

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A look: see whether there is a product quality label, whether there is the name of the manufacturer on the label, and what is the cashmere content.

Second press: relax and pave the down products and let them recover naturally for 3 minutes to see whether the products rebound quickly and return to the original state. If it doesn't bounce or the rebound is very slow and low, it indicates that the quality of the filler is poor; If there is no resilience at all, the filler is likely to be Ji wool or dispersed wool of other long wool pieces rather than down.

Three touch: touch and knead with your hand to test the softness of its hand, and whether there are complete small wool pieces or too large and thick long wool pieces, feather tubes, etc. If the handle is soft but the resilience is poor, it is softened wool instead of down; If the handle is soft but there are short, small and hard feather shafts, they are powder fragments. This kind of clothing has no use value.

Four beats: slap the product vigorously to see if there is dust overflow. If there is no dust overflow, it is a good product; If there is dust overflow, it is a product made of crushed wool or gray sand wool, which is generally not suitable for wearing.

Five kneading: knead down products with both hands to see if there is any Plush drilling out. If plush is drilled out, it means that the fabric used is not anti plush.

Six smells: use your nose to approach the down products for deep breathing for several times, and then compare with the general cloth to see if there is any peculiar smell or odor. No smell is the best. If there is an obvious smell, it is not suitable to wear it.

Seven weigh: weigh the weight of down products by hand and watch the size of the volume. The lighter the weight, the larger the volume is. With 30% cashmere content, the volume of the same weight shall be greater than one time of cotton. If the cashmere content is more than 70%, the volume shall be greater than two times of cotton.

Eight try: when purchasing down clothing, you must try it on, especially the chest circumference should be moderate. Wear a sweater inside, and then put on a down jacket. It's suitable to wear it if you don't feel loose or tight.

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